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The Definitive Box Set of videos brought to you to help prevent heart disease and to learn about its causes and possible remission is now available.

We Love Our Heart Ivor Cummins  are proud to have hosted our 2nd LIVE EVENT with more than a dozen eminent and authoritative speakers giving their unabridged opinion on heart disease, metabolic disease and helping you find a path through the ethical minefield of information and misinformation.

Whilst we cannot promise to give you all the answers you are looking for – we can promise to give you new insights and perspectives from our outspoken and distinguished panel of speakers.

Here are the list of speakers and their topics that you will receive:


  • ​Dr Malcolm Kendrick- “Big Pharma – A Cautionary Tale”
  • ​Dr Ken Berry - “How Your Doctor Misses True Heart Attack Risks”
  • ​Dr Joel Kahn - “Aggressive Heart Disease Prevention 2022”
  • ​Dr Nadir Ali - “Supernormal Stimuli and CR”
  • Shawn Baker MD - “Extreme Diets And Health”
  • William Davis MD - “LPS Endotoxemia – Cardiovascular Risk Factor” 


  • ​Gabor Erdosi -  “The Immune System In Cardiovascular Risk”
  • ​Dr Donal Collins - “Insulin Resistance, Measurement And Salutogenesis”
  • ​Dr Arthur Agatston - “CAC Progression Halt : Diet / Lifestyle Versus Genetics”
  • Sherezade Ruano / Angela Hartley -Cardiac Nursing and Rehab Insights
  • Dr Michael Eades -  “Incretins, Insulin and Food Quality”
  • Dr Thomas Levy - “Oral Health and More in CVD” 

What the attendees had to say:

Hi Mark! thank you for organising a superb conference. There should have been tens of thousands if not millions online. I for one will be telling all to go online for the next one". Sean

Thank you for organising such fascinating and insightful presentations. I found the answers to the questions I had going into that event from the presentations!  Jane

"Thank you so much for making this wonderful conference possible."  Robin
An amazing weekend! Shame I missed the QA at the end which I am going to revisit if I can . So many great speakers and such wonderful information    Steve

Just to reiterate how useful that was over this weekend. Really enjoyed it and some real nuggets in there.    Richard

Many thanks to yourself and Ivor for a brilliant conference that was really informative and helpful. Cannot wait for the sessions be available recorded to listen to them again -  There was so much new information for us.   Mary

The Box Set Of Recordings will serve as an extensive reference guide to help YOU understand and deal with your heart disease and allow you to be able to talk eye to eye with your own doctor or health care professional. 
Don't miss out on this unique chance.
Get the full-length and uncut talks including the Q&A workshops now.

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Ivor's Until Now Unreleased And Completely Updated Version
Of His Top Video :
"Wanna know how to collapse your heart disease risk - Ok then!"

We Love Our Heart LIVE  - 
Some of the KEY AREAS covered:

  •  “What The LDL!” What is your Endothelial layer and how to look after it!
  •   The Good, The Bad and the Ugly - A brief history of Statins
  •    ​CAC CT Scores - what do they mean and how to interpret them?
  •     Jaw Dropping! – Oral Health and its link to Heart Disease 
  • ​   Blood Sugar - What your HbA1c is not telling you and how to get your insulin under control
  • ​    Top Secrets revealed about Carbohydrates and their importance for endurance athletes
  • ​    Vegan Vs Carnivore!! What is best?

"Everything we revealed at the conferences will help you to enable super weight loss and lower your risk for diabetes, Alzheimer's and many other chronic diseases!"

Ivor Cummins

So Who Am I ? My Name Is Mark Felstead and Less Than 4 Years Ago I was Fit and Healthy...
...That Was All Suddenly About to Change!
My Name is Mark Felstead, 59 Years Old and until 4 years ago I was a very fit triathlete, often taking part in competitions and thinking I was doing everything right for my body and my health.
For most of my adult life I have I exercised and trained regularly, I ate what I thought was a healthy diet, I watched my weight, and I did not smoke…
Things were all to change very suddenly on a Wednesday Evening in August 2018…
I left my home with my racing bike to compete in a local duathlon. I kissed my wife and my daughter goodbye, not knowing it was very nearly the last time I would see them…
2hrs later, as I was nearing the finish line, I collapsed…. Sudden Cardiac Arrest, a so-called Widow Maker. Clinically dead on the spot
Luckily (oh so luckily!!) two of my fellow competitors were very quick to act and kept me alive (CPR) until the emergency services arrived (they were also Doctors which helped!!).
I woke up 10 days later out of an induced coma… but that is a story for another time.

"If I had known 5 years ago many of the things I now know 
 I am convinced I could have avoided that terrrible incident!"

 The We Love Our Heart LIVE 
Box Set of Recordings 
is YOUR chance to learn exactly those things 

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Some of the leading minds in the world of CVD will be shared 
their thoughts and opinions  around:
heart disease, heart health, metabolic health, 
gut health, oral hygiene, auto immune disease and nutrition
(That is a years amount of heart health information - and then some - 
you are going to get... Altogether Over 12 Hours of content  -
 including the excluive Q&A sessions!! )

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  • ACCESS To Widow Maker Movie about the Heart Health Industry 
  • ​​ACCESS To The Extra Time Movie on how to fix Heart Disease
  • ​ACCESS to the BOX SET of Recordings from the We Love Our Heart April Event !

Those Three Things Alone Are Worth $50

My search for my own "whodunnit" has led me to meeting and collaborating with some great people with fascinating insights - insights often outside of the classic cardiology – and it is what this that led me to form “We Love Our Heart” supported, I am delighted to say, by some of these very same experts.

These are a group of hard hitting, straight talking, independent experts who are not at the behest of "Big Pharma".  Experts who are prepared to help YOU so that you can better understand heart disease and tackle its root causes.  To help you not only measure your risk, but also offer advise on treatments that can potentially stabilize or reduce that risk. 

Hear from our We Love Our Heart LIVE Experts To Help You Better Understand Your Risk Of Heart Disease And Help
Keep Your Heart Healthy:

We Love Our Heart LIVE Brought To You By Ivor Cummins:

Ivor Cummins, BE (Chem), CEng MIEI is a straight-talking, "No Punches Pulled"  sort of guy with an outstanding knowledge of CVD and its underlying causes.  Distinguished podcaster and author , his specialty is research into metabolic illness and its  root causes and effects and the detection of cardio vascular disease, arterial calcification and its prevention. 

Take back control of your body! 
At the We Love Our Heart LIVE ONLINE EVENT BOX SET OF RECORDINGS you will be able to listen to our experts talks and Q&As to help you tread a path through the minefield that is heart disease
and  start  your journey to having a better understanding of  metabolic health and heart disease. 

We Love Our Heart LIVE will provide you with vital information that will help you answer:
  • ​What the role of Cholesterol is in my blood and does it deserve its bad reputation?
  • What causes blood clots and what can I do to avoid them?
  • ​What should I look for in my blood test results that could be an early warning?
  • ​What isn't my doctor telling me?
  • ​What does metabolic illness and insulin resistance actually mean?
  • ​ What does being pre-diabetic mean?
  • ​What is leaky gut or SIBO? What can I do to find out if I have them?
  • ​What is a CAC CT Score and how to interpret it? 
  • ​How important is oral hygiene and how do I improve it?
  • ​Are supplements or vitamins meaningful against heart disease? If so which ones?
  • ​What types of diet changes should I make to improve my metabolic health?
  • ​Should I go vegan or carnivore?
  • ​What can be done to reduce my anxiety ?
  • ​How do I use breating to calm Afrib occurences?

We can help you find answers to the questions above, questions you dare not even ask your own Doctor!!

Buy The  We Love Our Heart LIVE
Box Set Of Recordings 
And You Will Also Receive :

  • ACCESS To Widow Maker Movie about the Heart Health Industry 
  • ​​ACCESS To The Extra Time Movie on how to fix Heart Disease
  • ​ACCESS To The Recordings Box Set from the April Event
 Buy Here For Just 
"It is so easy to believe that heart attacks are something that only happen to other people"
Mark Felstead
Up to 45% of all Heart Attacks Are Asymptomatic

That means they happened without virtually any warning or previous symptoms
35 % Do Not Survive Their First Heart Attack
In the case of Sudden Cardiac Arrest only 6% Survive!!
How Lucky am I!!!
Do you feel so lucky?
Heart Disease is the number 1 cause of Death Worldwide

How Well Do  You Know Your Risk of You Being Effected?

Learn How To Asses Your Risk Of Having A Heart Attack
Even If You Are Without Any Obvious Symptoms!

We cannot offer cures, there are no silver bullets to heart disease, but at We Love Our Heart LIVE we hope to provide you with vital information to help you recognise your own risk from heart disease and introduce you to the measures necessary to address those issues before they become critical !

If You Don't Do It For You... Do It For Your Family !

How much does it mean to you to:

  • See your child finish school?
  • Watch them Graduate?
  • ​Get Married and have Grand children?
  • ​Or share that once in a lifetime trip with your partner?
WARNING: News Just In! 
35% of victims do not survive their first heart attack!!

Exclusive Bonus Material When You Order Today:
Ivor's Until Now Unreleased And Completely Updated Version
Of His Top Video :
"Wanna know how to collapse your heart disease risk - Ok then!"

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 Dr Scott Murray  
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TOP 5 videos related to 
heart disease and how to manage it!

As Chosen By Ivor Himself!

There Is NO CATCH !
My Pledge To you:
 I am Putting My Name To This Offer.....

My Story is REAL and GENUINE and so is my purpose... to save someone like you from having an unexpected Cardiac Event that could not only be fatal for you, but would devastate your Family and Loved Ones.

We Love Our Heart is family and future orientated - this is not about us, but about the next generation. It is about being able to make an impact to the lives of others - your life and that of your family as well as our own through better education about, and awareness of, heart disease- 
 the more successful we are, the greater the impact we can make

We Love Our Heart is not a big business or a brand, just a man, a human like you, and this isn't B2B or B2C. This is Human to Human. Heart to Heart. So let's be human and have heart - I can only offer this price for a limited period of time.
Here Is My Word As Guarantee:
You can order with complete confidence as I will refund you your money 100% if not completely satisfied.

 Get a Definitive Guide To Heart Disease Through The Words Of Our Expert Speakers
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Exclusive Bonus Material When You Order Today:
Ivor's TOP 5 videos chosen by him to deal with Heart Disease

Who is Behind We Love our Heart?

Mark Felstead - Family Father, Survivor and Real Human Being!

Everything You Are Going To Get:

Full-length and Uncut Talks including the Exclusive Q&A Workshops From The   
 We Love Our Heart LIVE 
Online Conference 
(From the 19th & 20th November)


  • ACCESS To Widow Maker Movie about the Heart Health Industry 
  • ​​ACCESS To The Extra Time Movie on how to fix Heart Disease
  • ​ACCESS to the BOX SET of Recordings from the We Love Our Heart April Event !
  • ​ACCESS to The Connoisseurs Choice of Ivor's TOP 5 videos related to heart disease
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  • ACCESS To Widow Maker Movie about the Heart Health Industry 
  • ​​ACCESS To The Extra Time Movie on how to fix Heart Disease
  • ​ACCESS to the BOX SET of Recordings from the We Love Our Heart LIVE April Event !
Plus Ivor's Top 5
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ONE TIME OFFER - Only $9: Rapid Virus Recovery By Dr Thomas Levy – This book is essential reading for those who want to increase their immune system against a range of viruses currently in circulation. Not only that, much of Dr Levy’s great advice will help you strengthen your cardio vascular system!

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