Have you ever thought...
"What if I died of a heart attack today?"

220,000 people suffer a heart attack every year in Germany. 

The number one reason for death in Germany is therefore cardiovascular disease

and yet it could be so easy to prevent 
as we and 100s of doctors and scientists are convinced


Have you ever ...

...kissed your partner / family goodbye, left the house and thought,
"What if that was the last time I will ever see them?"
...thought about the pain your loved ones will feel should you die of a Widow Maker 
heart attack TODAY?
Ah yes, you say, but heart attacks are for 
other people...

I am fit for my say
Yes, I could lose a few kgs here and there… you say
Sure, I could drink a little less or maybe give up smoking… you say
Maybe I could exercise a little more too… you say

But I feel OK today!! No worries mate!

Other people...

Other people like me, maybe?
My name is Mark Felstead, I am 57 years old and I considered myself to be extremely fit.
But please spend 2 minutes to listen to my story... 

And then let me send you a FREE video to help you so that hopefully you won't have to go through what my family and I did...

Now ask yourself again – who are those other people?

And ask yourself: 

  • "If there was a way to finding out today my risk of having a heart attack, wouldn’t I want to know? 
  • ​Wouldn’t my family and loved ones want to know?
  • ​Maybe there is even a way to avoid having the heart attack in the first place?

Well, now for some good news!

  • There is a simple test you can undertake which will immediately tell you your risk of a so-called Cardiac Event. 
  • There is a group of experts whose combined wisdom can help point you in the right direction to stabilise or even reduce that danger
  • ​and most importantly...
  • ​There are things you can do NOW to reduce your risk and avoid that surprise

To let me help you get on the right path drop me your email in the box here:

By return you will receive the FREE video that could literally help save your life together with the things I would like to share with you that I have learnt in the last 6 months that I sooo wish that
I had known 15 years ago…

...things that might have been able to save my family from a lot of pain and worry… not to mention myself too!

"If my terrible experiences can help me save just one more life in the future then I can finally answer the question 'why did I survive?'  - Mark Felstead

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