How sure are you that today won’t be your last day?

Heart Attacks are the number 1 cause of death across the world  
(and your chances of surviving one are as low as 50%!)

45% of Heart Attacks are asymptomatic - the so called "silent killer", i.e. without any previous symptoms?

You Maybe Nearer To A Heart Attack Than You Think!!

But there are things you can do STARTING TODAY
 to help protect your heart

Please take a moment  listen to my story:

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Who Am I ?

My Name is Mark Felstead, 59 Years Old and until 3 years ago I was a very fit triathlete, often taking part in competitions and thinking I was doing everything right for my body and my health.
For most of my adult life I have I exercised and trained regularly, I ate what I thought was a healthy diet, I watched my weight, and I did not smoke…
Things were all to change very suddenly on a Wednesday Evening in August 2018…
I left my home with my racing bike to compete in a local duathlon. I kissed my wife and my daughter goodbye, not knowing it was very nearly the last time I would see them…
2hrs later, as I was nearing the finish line, I collapsed….
Sudden Cardiac Arrest, a so-called Widow Maker. Clinically dead on the spot.
Luckily (oh so luckily!!) two of my fellow competitors were very quick to act and kept me alive (CPR) until the emergency services arrived (they were also Doctors which helped!!).
I woke up 10 days later out of an induced coma… but that is a story for another time.

The thing that upsets me the most about this episode is that my wife had to take that call from the hospital….

“…Your Husband has had a heart attack…he is with us now and he is stable, but we cannot say if he will survive the next 24 hours…”

That is a call that everyone dreads to receive!!
(My wife is still nervous today about taking calls from unfamiliar numbers)

If you would like to know more about what you can do TODAY to better assess your risk then just click below:

"Being fit, excercising regularly and eating well DOES NOT MAKE YOU IMPERMEABLE TO HEART DISEASE!"
Dr Thomas Levy

Take No Action Now And Let Me Show You How To Go :

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And I am one of the very lucky ones..

Wouldn't You Rather I Show You How To 
Avoid This Altogether!!

Up to 45% of all Heart Attacks Are Asymptomatic

That means they happened without virtually any warning or previous symptoms
35 % Do Not Survive Their First Heart Attack
In the case of Sudden Cardiac Arrest only 6% Survive!!
How Lucky am I!!!
Do you feel so lucky?
Heart Disease is the number 1 cause of Death Worldwide

How Well Do  You Know Your Risk of You Being Effected?
"It Is So easy to think that heart attacks only happen to other people"
~ Mark Felstead ~

Now Ask Yourself:

  • If there was a way to find out my risk of having a heart attack - wouldn't I want to know? 
  • Wouldn't my loved ones and my family want to know? ​
  • ​Is there anything I can do TODAY to help reduce that risk? 

Now for the good news!!

  • Did you now that there is a simple test available that will accurately assess your risk before it is too late?
  • We Love Our Heart puts at your disposal a group of experts whose combined knowledge will help you to stabilize or even reduce that risk. 
  • ​Most Important Of All - There are things that you can START DOING TODAY to help protect your heart. 
But you don't have to believe me!! 
Listen to our Experts:
Ivor Cummins, BE (Chem), CEng MIEI  is a high caliber engineer with a long career in medical technology as well as other industries. His specialty is research into the cause of cardiovascular disease and arterial calcification. 
Dr Ralf Heinrich
literally my "lifesaver".
As a former clinical cardiologist, Ralf became aware that he was only treating symptoms and not actually curing patients of heart disease. His work now is dedicated to finding the root causes of heart disease and the prevention of future recurrences.

Dr Scott Murray
We are delighted to have a collabortation wirh the experienced team of consultants at Venturi who can provide rapid access to clinical consultations and diagnostic investigations using state-of-the-art cardiac technology. They offer a range of services  for both face to face and on-line cosultations, which make it easy to access the expertise and give you the reassurance you need to take the best care of your heart and health.

Mark Felstead

Lets work together to protect (and love!) our hearts!
In my search for answers to the question "WHY ME?", I have learned a lot in the last 18 months. Things I wish I had known 15 years ago. But now my focus is on taking even better control of my health and managing my risk.  By sharing this with you, maybe I can help you do the same, before it's too late - too late for you or for me

But it's more than that: I want to give meaning to what I have experienced and gone through. It makes me incredibly  proud and happy to be able to help others and contribute to your heart health.  It's my way of saying thank you to the people who saved my life

If this is successful, what my family and I have gone through makes sense and provides an answer to the question "Why did I survive?".
Benefit From Our Knowledge and Join Us at We Love Our Heart
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